Churchgrove Park

Magic BusMore summertime music to enjoy. We are back in Frankenmuth to enjoy the 30th year of the Summer Music Fest. The band we are looking forward to seeing is called the Magic Bus. We last saw them while we were up in Clare, Michigan a little while back. We found out that they were coming to this area so we thought we would also come back here to Frankenmuth.

Since we were gone, there was a summer rally of the Chapter 6 Great Lakes – Michigan Escapees RV Club right here at the park. I was sorry to hear that we were not around. This would have been a great group to sit back and listen to about all the things that could be headed our way sometime in the near future.

However, we did happen to meet a great couple that stayed after the others left. Leonard and Cheryl have been on the road 15 years now. They are a couple of great people and we hope to cross paths again sometime soon.

ChurchgroveAnother group of RVers showed up for the weekend. The sign said “MI / LOW”. Not thinking, I didn’t  realize that it stood for the group Loners On Wheels. This too would have been a very interesting group of people to get to talk to. By the time I found out, it was the day they all left.

I swear I meet more people on the way out of the parks than just about any other time.

Over the weekend St. Lorenz Church had their Mission Festival at the Grove. Following the church service, there was a chicken BBQ dinner and plenty of fun activities for the kids.


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