While I was doing some maintenance on the fresh water pump, I noticed that one of the heat vent pipes had torn away from the furnace plenum. It took me a while to find a replacement. Like most items in a trailer, these are specific to the RV industry. After doing some digging, I found these dryer vent pipes that were the correct size at Home Depot.

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Here is a list of repairs I made myself to our new Keystone Montana 3120RL in the first year that we have now owned it. Added (Caterpillar hydraulic oil additive, CAT part number 1U-9891) to reduce hydraulics jacks popping noise Replaced damaged HDMI cable Replace defective cabinet speaker Fix loose window valance Replace all cabinet hinge screws Repair refrigerator latch Refasten convenience center lid Add screws to indoor steps that squeak Refasten kitchen light Replace missing ceiling fan blade screws Add missing hose washer in tank sprayer connection Secure loose …

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We chose to stay at Valley Plaza a few days between stops. We like the fact that they have an indoor pool and hot tub. However, it really saddens us to see just how run down this place has become. We understand that the place has changed ownership several times in the past year or two. We just wish someone would acquire it and return it to the glory that it had been in the past. When I asked if I could speak to someone about the condition of the place. …

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Today I contacted Jayco about the latest problems  with my trailer tires. I last contacted them back in April when I  had tire problems then.  With my warranty period expired, I really didn’t expect a whole lot. I mostly wanted to find out if they could shed some light on my problems. Joe, the guy in customer service listened to my complaint. Then to my surprise, he told me that he would like help me out and offer a goodwill gesture of 4 new tires. Say what you will but this is …

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