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Go Home Day

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW. Today is the day I drove off with Bug Smacker version 2.o only to return home with Bug Smacker version 3.0

Bug Smacker 2

Bug Smacker 3Continued

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Front Cap Oxidation Problem

I first noticed the front cap on my Jayco Eagle 5th wheel RV fading back in 2015 when I started to do my fall maintenance.  I am sure the fading problem existed prior to this, I just didn’t look hard enough for signs of it earlier.… Continued

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Jayco Helps with New Tires

Today I contacted Jayco about the latest problems  with my trailer tires. I last contacted them back in April when I  had tire problems then.  With my warranty period expired, I really didn’t expect a whole lot. I mostly wanted to find out if they could shed some light on my problems.… Continued

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Bed Slide Trim came off

The trim on the inside bedroom slide finally came right off. This slide has been adjust multiple times and still seems to be a problem. I am told that I should stop the motion of the slide mechanism just short of when we can hear the clutch start to click.… Continued

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Under Attack

Terri and I are just sitting in our RV watching TV when we hear a lawn mower start-up outside in the distance. We discuss how rude it is to be making such a racket so early on a Sunday morning. I am sure there are still many people just crawling out of bed after being out late last night around the campfire.… Continued

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