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Jayco Helps with New Tires

Today I contacted Jayco about the latest problems  with my trailer tires. I last contacted them back in April when I  had tire problems then.  With my warranty period expired, I really didn’t expect a whole lot. I mostly wanted to find out if they could shed some light on my problems.… Continued

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Bed Slide Trim came off

The trim on the inside bedroom slide finally came right off. This slide has been adjust multiple times and still seems to be a problem. I am told that I should stop the motion of the slide mechanism just short of when we can hear the clutch start to click.… Continued

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Under Attack

Terri and I are just sitting in our RV watching TV when we hear a lawn mower start-up outside in the distance. We discuss how rude it is to be making such a racket so early on a Sunday morning. I am sure there are still many people just crawling out of bed after being out late last night around the campfire.… Continued

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Damaged Window Replacement

We just sent our Jayco back to the dealership. The rear windows had finally come in. They are replacing the rear slide windows because they would not open. The windows were over tightened when they were installed causing them not to open correctly.… Continued

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Back to the Dealer

Back to the dealer for a couple of needed repairs. On our last trip we noticed that we could not open the rear sliding window. It apparently had been over tightened at the factory causing the frame to bind.

Also we found some caulk in the carpeting, one of the slide-out awnings would pool with water every time it rained and the front hatch door latch that had been replaced on our last visit did not hold the door in position.… Continued

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