Keep it cool! After we finished deciding on the model of Fifth Wheel that we wanted to purchase, we had to decide on what type of refrigerator to get with it. I had done some research in advance to help us decide which way to go. Should we get a residential refrigerator or go with the common 2-way/3-way RV type refrigerator? Lately, residential refrigerators have become quite popular. The manufacturers like installing them because they cost less and are easier to install. Customers like them because they are …bigger? OK, well they …

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On Go-Home day, I went to the rear of the trailer to raise the jacks only to find them broken. I quickly got out a volt meter and checked the lines. I found there was power going to the motor from the switch yet the motor did not energize. I then got some tools out and removed the motor from the frame of the jacks. As I tilted the motor, water quickly ran out of the housing. The motor had a plastic cover on it but it was not sealed …

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I first noticed the front cap on my Jayco Eagle 5th wheel RV fading back in 2015 when I started to do my fall maintenance.  I am sure the fading problem existed prior to this, I just didn’t look hard enough for signs of it earlier. I wish that I knew then, what I know now. That is, there is no solution to the fading problem on these fiberglass front caps except to have them sanded, cleaned and painted. I would have like to have had Jayco address the problem while my RV was still under …

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I ran into a strange propane problem this year. I first noticed the problem when the gas regulator failed to auto-switch over from one side to the other. We ran out of propane in the first tank. I keep the second full tank turned off. I do that so that we never completely run out of gas, I then simply turn the new tank on and take the empty one in to have it refilled. This time, however, the new full tank would not turn on. I physically took the tank over to …

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I just had 4 brand new Maxxis ST235/80R16 trailer tires installed on the RV today. I took the advise of Roger Marble from RV Tire Safety and purchased them from a national chain. I got them from Discount Tire. This way if I have anymore tire problems I am counting on them to help me out. I am now hoping that the Maxxis tires I decided to purchase hold up to all the hype they are receiving on the RV forums. 

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