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Let me throw some words at you to help describe our stay at Saginaw Bay Resort this time. full-hookups stinky hayride noisy burnt eggs cramped playground peeping tom mud putt putt slow wifi business closed new friends Terri and I arrived at the park in 2 vehicles. We immediately starting searching for a full hookup site. There was only one full hookup site available so we promptly grabbed it. We had not been here in years, so we had forgotten how difficult it is finding these sites. Most people return to this park …

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A bit of satire for all those RVers out there who see the humor in what we love. by Tim R. Enright   Don’t… 1. Drive down the road with more than 2 slides out. 2. Use your sewer hose to fertilize your neighbor’s flowers. 3. Backup your RV into the … FILL IN THE BLANK. 4. Hang raw meat on the clothesline to scare away the bears. 5. Tie the dog to the rear bumper while you pack to go home and forget. 6. Put your awning out over …

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What difference a week can make in Michigan. Last weekend the temperature outside was a high in the 50s, a low in the 30s and a windchill due to 40 mph wind-gusts. Like the weatherman said ” it is a blustery day”. This weekend the temperature outside shot up to over 80 degrees. That’s Michigan for you this time of year. You never know if you will need shorts or a coat. We are currently at Valley Plaza RV Park and this place has literally gone to the dogs. We are now …

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Water hitting the roof of our RV on a rainy day is such a tranquil sound. It provides such a soothing and calming effect. There is no better time to kick back, relax and take a nap. The only people this phenomenon has no effect on is children. In fact they seem to go the other way and become restless and bored. For a child the majority of their world has just been taken away, the great outdoors. Dogs on the other hand usually could care less. They still just …

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