After having a Keyless Door Lock on our previous RV, we were sad to discover that this was not an option on our new trailer. You may not think this is much of a necessity, but until you have one you won’t know how much of a convenience it really is. We all need to think about security a bit more these days. The news is just full of things that make you fear for your safety. I remember my grandfather once saying “I never used to lock my door, I …

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Our new RV came equipped with a rear camera mount. The mount was preinstalled at the factory and was provided to the manufacturer by Furrion. The Furrion Vision 2 FOS48TA-BL or a Furrion Vision 1 FRC12TAPK-BL can be easily installed to this mount in just a few minutes. We chose to purchase a Furrion Vision 2 because of its advanced features over the Vision 1 FRC12TAPK-BL. We have also heard quite a few good things about the TadiBrothers cameras. So we decided to check it out as well. There are a lot of …

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I ran into a strange propane problem this year. I first noticed the problem when the gas regulator failed to auto-switch over from one side to the other. We ran out of propane in the first tank. I keep the second full tank turned off. I do that so that we never completely run out of gas, I then simply turn the new tank on and take the empty one in to have it refilled. This time, however, the new full tank would not turn on. I physically took the tank over to …

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I have recently spent a lot of time trying to decide if I want to replace my trusty Garmin nuvi GPS with a newer model or simply join the rest of the world and use an app on my smartphone to get me to where I need to go. We are getting ready for our first RV road trip of the season and I have decided that it may be time to upgrade my GPS to something newer. Following hours of research and personal testing here are a few of …

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I just had 4 brand new Maxxis ST235/80R16 trailer tires installed on the RV today. I took the advise of Roger Marble from RV Tire Safety and purchased them from a national chain. I got them from Discount Tire. This way if I have anymore tire problems I am counting on them to help me out. I am now hoping that the Maxxis tires I decided to purchase hold up to all the hype they are receiving on the RV forums. 

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