I am waking this morning to the rhythm of waves pounding onto the sands of Myrtle Beach. It is as spectacular as we had expected. The ocean breeze is whistling through the palm trees causing them to sway like a conductor would orchestrate to the approaching waves of the sea. The sun is glistening across the ripples in the water and reflecting disco ball patterns into the windows of our RV. Last night the gentle breeze had kicked up a notch. With a storm approaching our RV was actually rocking …

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We are now up north hunting. So try to keep quiet. The weather up here is great for camping. Not so good for hunting. The day time temperatures are still getting into the 50s. We have seen plenty of animals, just nothing we can take home for dinner.       Update: The 6 volt battery installation in our new RV is working out great. It was worth the time and effort to do the upgrade. We can now go days without a charge. No more cold winter nights.   .

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White-tail deer hunting season has once again found us making our way into the woods of northern Michigan. Once again the headline to this entry is going to be about the weather. The trip up to our hunting camp was uneventful except for a little mud along the way. The return trip home was yet another story. The hunt was successful, with both of my sons getting a doe each. I on the other hand saw several deer the day before the opening of the season and then saw nothing …

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It is that time again. It’s time to gather up food for the long cold Michigan winter. It’s time to go huntin’! At Deer Camp this year we had a full house. Besides my wife and me, we had both of the boys and their girlfriends… OH and don’t forget Mo (our dog). My dad camped along side of us in his 5th wheel. He was joined by my youngest brother. For dinner we went to the El-Bo Inn north of Atlanta, Michigan. This place had a 1-pound hamburger that …

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