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Vermilion Valley Service Plaza

Vermilion Valley is one of several Service Plazas along the Ohio Turnpike that offers an RV parking area. The RV Overnight Parking Area has electrical hookups, a dump station, and potable water. We have been to one of these before and found them a great place to pull over for the night while traveling.… Continued

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Sleeping with Truckers

After the sun sets following a long full day of driving on the open road, there may come a time when the only choice you have is to find a spot to pull over and sleep with a trucker. Nothing personal about truckers but they wouldn’t be my first choice to sleep with.… Continued

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I75 Rest Area TN NB MM 45

I can’t go any further. Our 10 hour trip is now pushing 15 hours. With the stop and go traffic due to accidents and construction this has turned into a VERY long day.

We did stop for a bit to grab a bite to eat.… Continued

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