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Harrisville State Park

Its still winter up here, where is spring?

Harrisville State Park

Harrisville State Park is a great place if you are lucky enough to get a site right on the lake shore. This time of year is great for us. The park is still relatively empty and it is a lot easier maneuvering our rig into some of these smaller campsites that are at these older state parks.… Continued

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Showboat Park Campground

Showboat Park Campground is a nice park, too bad they don’t want anyone to camp here!

The bathhouse is clean and well cared for. The lawns are mowed every day. The trash cans are emptied every day. The sites are large and level.… Continued

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Valley Plaza RV Resort

Valley Plaza RV ResortWe didn’t quite make it back from Traverse City yet. On the way home we decided to stop and spend a week or so at the Valley Plaza RV Resort in Midland, Michigan. This will put us close enough to commute to work, yet attempt to detract me from my endless list of Honey-Do things that I should be doing at home right now.… Continued

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Infospherix Sucks The Big One

I decided to book our 4th of July reservations for the entire group myself this year. This way we could be sure to be gathered all together in one location of the park. I thought that it would be much easier to do this by calling in to the reservation line rather than doing it online, how wrong I was.… Continued

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