I just had 4 brand new Maxxis ST235/80R16 trailer tires installed on the RV today. I took the advise of Roger Marble from RV Tire Safety and purchased them from a national chain. I got them from Discount Tire. This way if I have anymore tire problems I am counting on them to help me out. I am now hoping that the Maxxis tires I decided to purchase hold up to all the hype they are receiving on the RV forums. 

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Today I contacted Jayco about the latest problems  with my trailer tires. I last contacted them back in April when I  had tire problems then.  With my warranty period expired, I really didn’t expect a whole lot. I mostly wanted to find out if they could shed some light on my problems. Joe, the guy in customer service listened to my complaint. Then to my surprise, he told me that he would like help me out and offer a goodwill gesture of 4 new tires. Say what you will but this is …

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Every driver knows this dreaded sound. If they haven’t heard it firsthand then I would consider them lucky. This is the horrid sound of a tire blowout while traveling down the road. To hear the stories of this when it happens to others is bad enough, but to actually experience it yourself is terrible. There is nothing worse than fighting with a large wheel, a small jack and lug nuts that are near impossible to break loose. All this while your rig is swaying back and forth as traffic zips past …

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Due to the tire problems I recently had with my RV, Jayco recommended that I have someone look over the trailer. I got a hold of the local Jayco dealer and they said that I should take it over to a trailer repair shop. Today I took it over to Tow-Line Trailer to have them check it out. They told me that everything looked to be aligned correctly. They said that the problem was most likely cheap tires that did not hold up. The other day I was at a …

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While Terri and I were in Tennessee, I went to chock the RV tires and noticed that the tire on the rear axle was larger in diameter than the front one. The tread in the center of the tire was bowing out all the way around the tire. I also found the tire on the other side of the trailer that was on the same axle, was doing the same thing. I called the dealer that I bought the RV from and was told they had never heard of such …

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