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Your Home Phone on Google Voice


That is it, no more phone bills! I have decided to switch my home phone number from Vonage to Google Voice.  I now needed to check into “Porting” the phone number so that I could keep it. I logged into my Gmail account and went to Google Voice.… Continued

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Make Your Home Phone $Free$

Years ago our house phone bill got so ridiculously expensive that we decided to do something about it. I wanted to keep our current house phone number, so I decided to “Port” our number. This allowed me to switch to a new service while keeping our current number.… Continued

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TV to Go

There are several ways you can enjoy your favorite TV shows while you are away from home camping. You can use a device called Slingbox to transfer your shows from home or you can watch your shows directly from a website such as Hulu (www.hulu.comContinued

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Getting Online from your RV

There are several methods for getting online while away from home. I will try and explain a few of the most common here.

Dial-up – First there is the good old dial-up service. Ok, I don’t know how good it is.… Continued

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