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  That is it, no more phone bills! I have decided to switch my home phone number from Vonage to Google Voice.  I now needed to check into “Porting” the phone number so that I could keep it. I logged into my Gmail account and went to Google Voice. The setup procedure asked if I would like to use a new number or use my mobile number. I chose to use my mobile number. I put in my number to check for available options. The results I received stated that …

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Years ago our house phone bill got so ridiculously expensive that we decided to do something about it. I wanted to keep our current house phone number, so I decided to “Port” our number. This allowed me to switch to a new service while keeping our current number. I shopped around and decided that a VoIP service would best fit our needs. This would allow us to use our current house phone over the internet. Using the line over the web allows you to plug it in anywhere. This is …

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There are several ways you can enjoy your favorite TV shows while you are away from home camping. You can use a device called Slingbox to transfer your shows from home or you can watch your shows directly from a website such as Hulu (www.hulu.com). Both of these choices require a pretty good internet connection. You can even record shows directly on your notebook computer if you have the right hardware and software installed. I will elaborate on the way that works best for us. We record our TV shows …

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There are several methods for getting online while away from home. I will try and explain a few of the most common here. Dial-up – First there is the good old dial-up service. Ok, I don’t know how good it is. Not very many places have a phone connection anymore. If you happened to find one that did have one, you would also need to have a dial-up account to use when you plugged into it. But once connected you can blaze across the web at amazing dial-up speeds. Now …

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