About Us

Let us introduce ourselves. We are a couple of RV fanatics. We love everything about being an RV owner. We enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being ready to go anywhere at anytime.


Our home is in Michigan. This state has quite a lot to offer an RVer. Since we are both employed locally, we can only travel as far as our vacation time will allow. We try to get in at least a couple of vacation trips a year. You will, however, find us somewhere on the road almost every weekend. We are both dreaming of the time where we can spend much more time on the road.

We enjoy the great outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking and just plain romping around in the woods are some of the things we like to do most. We also love to travel. We look forward to being behind the wheel of our rig as much as sitting on a stump with a fishing pole.

We have two sons, a daughter-in-law and 2 beautiful granddaughters. They love the outdoors as much as we do. We get together with them as often as possible.

My wife and I are working professionals with full-time careers. My wife is employed as a Human Resource Assistant for a local independent governmental unit with a background in finance and purchasing . I jokingly refer to her as “H.R. Pufnstuf”.  I am a Field Engineer for a large American technology company that concentrates on imaging products. I also provide professional advice to those in need of the latest in technological advancements.

We both have a passion for photography. You can find samples of our artistic work in our Photo Gallery. Hopefully, you will take the opportunity to browse through our collection. We take great pride in our work.

One of my favorite parts of RVing is all the interesting people we meet. Everyone has a story to tell and I enjoy listening to all of them. In this RV blog, you will discover some of the many places we have visited and some things we have discovered along the way. I take notes and try to pass along the knowledge we gather as we travel. I have written several RV articles and publish a newsletter at HitchUpandGo. My wife and I truly enjoy sharing information about the RV lifestyle that we enjoy so much.

The RV Adventures of Bug Smacker

Please take a moment to drop us a note. We would enjoy hearing from you.

Safe Travels,
Tim & Terri Enright