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Keep it cool! After we finished deciding on the model of Fifth Wheel that we wanted to purchase, we had to decide on what type of refrigerator to get with it. I had done some research in advance to help us decide which way to go. Should we get a residential refrigerator or go with the common 2-way/3-way RV type refrigerator? Lately, residential refrigerators have become quite popular. The manufacturers like installing them because they cost less and are easier to install. Customers like them because they are …bigger? OK, well they …

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Out with the OLD, In with the NEW. Today is the day I drove off with Bug Smacker version 2.o only to return home with Bug Smacker version 3.0

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Congratulations are in order. We are proud to announce that our new Bug Smacker was born today. The little guy weighed in at only 11980 pounds. We should be bringing it home next week. Can’t wait!

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Terri and I put a deposit down on the order of a brand new 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL today. We have been looking for a new “Bug Smacker” for quite a while now.  Montana quit producing this floorplan back in 20016. Now that it is back in the lineup, we jumped at the chance to get one. The dealer didn’t even have the details yet for this particular model. We had a few requirements that needed to be met and this model had the features and floorplan we were looking for. Some of the …

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On Go-Home day, I went to the rear of the trailer to raise the jacks only to find them broken. I quickly got out a volt meter and checked the lines. I found there was power going to the motor from the switch yet the motor did not energize. I then got some tools out and removed the motor from the frame of the jacks. As I tilted the motor, water quickly ran out of the housing. The motor had a plastic cover on it but it was not sealed …

Lippert Electric Stabilizer Jacks Motor Failure Read More »

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