After fighting with the original kitchen faucet that came with our trailer we finally decided to upgrade it. The old faucet did not allow good water flow plus the sprayer selection switch would not stay engaged when you selected it. The new replacement faucet not only looked much nicer but the water flow rate was much greater now. The spray head is much easier to use and has rubber tips on it that are easy to clean. We are very happy with this improvement.

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We happened to be window shopping when we ran across a store that sold Purple mattresses. We have heard a lot of good things about these mattresses and thought we’d give it a try. While talking to the store manager about the Purple mattress, he asked about mattresses we have owned in the past. I looked around the store and noticed that he sold Denver mattresses as well here, so I answered we have a Denver mattress at home. We actually did. We liked the Denver mattress in the beginning …

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After having a Keyless Door Lock on our previous RV, we were sad to discover that this was not an option on our new trailer. You may not think this is much of a necessity, but until you have one you won’t know how much of a convenience it really is. We all need to think about security a bit more these days. The news is just full of things that make you fear for your safety. I remember my grandfather once saying “I never used to lock my door, I …

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Keep it cool! After we finished deciding on the model of Fifth Wheel that we wanted to purchase, we had to decide on what type of refrigerator to get with it. I had done some research in advance to help us decide which way to go. Should we get a residential refrigerator or go with the common 2-way/3-way RV type refrigerator? Lately, residential refrigerators have become quite popular. The manufacturers like installing them because they cost less and are easier to install. Customers like them because they are …bigger? OK, well they …

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Not that we didn’t simply adore our original RV mattress, it was simply terrific. WHO AM I KIDDING! Like most all manufacturer supplied RV mattresses, the thing was bouncy, flat and truly uncomfortable to say the least. You could actually feel each and every spring in the thing pushing its way up into your body all night long. Well, today it is no more. We replaced it with a REAL mattress. We got a Serta Queen size mattress to replace the original mattress that came with the trailer. Whoa, what …

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