The Four Seasons RV Park in Midland, Michigan has lots of rules and hidden costs. I can’t recall seeing this many extra fees anywhere before. These owners clearly want to nickel-and-dime you for everything they can think of. He is a list of the rules and fees printed on the paperwork they give you when you check-in. Early check-in fee $10 Late check-out fee $5 Late check-out after 1pm fee $10 Trash left on-site fee $10 Firepit clean-up fee $10 Firewood bundles cost $7 Outside firewood brought into park fee …

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We had a wet time at Bay City State Park over the 4th of July holiday. The rain came down and down and down some more. The entire park was flooded. People in tents had to swim to their cars. When the sun finally did come out and dry up some of the puddles, the kids took advantage of the break in the weather to enjoy some time at the water park across the street. On Independence Day we all gathered for our annual family potluck dinner. Terri and I …

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While I was doing some maintenance on the fresh water pump, I noticed that one of the heat vent pipes had torn away from the furnace plenum. It took me a while to find a replacement. Like most items in a trailer, these are specific to the RV industry. After doing some digging, I found these dryer vent pipes that were the correct size at Home Depot.

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