RV Adventures with Bug Smacker

Purple Mattress


We happened to be window shopping when we ran across a store that sold Purple mattresses. We have heard a lot of good things about these mattresses and thought we’d give it a try.

While talking to the store manager about the Purple mattress, he asked about mattresses we have owned in the past. I looked around the store and noticed that he sold Denver mattresses as well here, so I answered we have a Denver mattress at home. We actually did.

We liked the Denver mattress in the beginning but that was extremely short-lived. I explained that it was now very uncomfortable and we no longer used it. When he asked how long we have had it, I was surprised to find out it was still under warranty. I was even more surprised to find out that he was willing to let us trade it in on a new Purple mattress. So today we brought home a new Queen sized Purple Mattress.

We will now put it to the test and compare it to our beloved Leesa Mattress.

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New 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Specs are available

The new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Specs are online now. Here is the LINK. I had heard these new trucks were going to tow more but as those of you who own 5th wheels like myself know, its all about the payload. So let’s dig in and see what this thing has to offer.

If we start with the looks, like everyone else I have my personal opinion. Every photo I see online displays the new trucks a little differently.
For now, I will just set my opinion aside until I actually get my hands on one.

Built at the Flint Assembly plant in Flint, Michigan, the new Silverado HD’s are longer, wider, taller and tow more than previous models.

There is a 6.6L V-8 gasoline powered engine available that supplies 401 HP and 464 lb-ft of Torque mounted to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Keeping in mind that most anyone towing with a 1-ton truck will want a diesel, the power plant in this truck is the same 6.6L V-8 Turbo-Diesel Duramax as last year. The only difference is now it is connected to a 10-speed automatic Allison transmission. This lineup delivers 445 HP and 910 lb-ft of Torque. I can hear Tim Allen grunting like a pig right now.

One feature I am really excited about is what they call “Advanced Trailering System technologies and new transparent trailer view”. The truck features a total of 15 available camera views including a transparent trailer feature to help provide added confidence when towing. Sounds sorta like X-ray vision.

As in any newly designed product, there are a lot of smaller features that should make towing safer and much more enjoyable. From the new integrated side step to the newly designed trailering mirrors.

Now let’s crunch some numbers. Below is a comparison between the 2020 and the 2019 3500HD trucks. I will include the SRW (single rear wheel) and the DRW (dual rear wheel) versions. The numbers shown are for Crew Cab model.

*note: I did not actually find the 2020 GVWR numbers, so I estimated this value using curb weight plus payloads.

2020 SRW Truck Weight (GVWR)- 11823*
2019 SRW Truck Weight (GVWR)- 11600

2020 SRW Payload- 4148
2019 SRW Payload- 3843

2020 SRW 5th-wheel Towing Max- 21500
2019 SRW 5th-wheel Towing Max- 17200

2020 SRW Combined Weight (GCWR)- 29700
2019 SRW Combined Weight (GCWR)- 25300

2020 DRW Truck Weight (GVWR)- 13962*
2019 DRW Truck Weight (GVWR)- 13025

2020 DRW Payload- 5944
2019 DRW Payload- 4930

2020 DRW 5th-wheel Towing Max- 31400
2019 DRW 5th-wheel Towing Max- 22700

2020 DRW Combined Weight (GCWR)- 40000
2019 DRW Combined Weight (GCWR)- 30100

Personally, I really don’t like purchasing a vehicle right out of the gate the first year of a new design. But this new truck brings a lot to the table. These increases in towing capacities will help as well. Throw in a Dick Tracy super secret decoder watch and I’m in.

On a personal note, from what I calculate I may actually be able to get by with a 3500HD SRW now instead of going to a Dually. Comments on this would be much appreciated.

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List of the First Year’s Repairs on our new Montana 3120RL


Here is a list of repairs I made myself to our new Keystone Montana 3120RL in the first year that we have now owned it.

  • Added (Caterpillar hydraulic oil additive, CAT part number 1U-9891) to reduce hydraulics jacks popping noise
  • Replaced damaged HDMI cable
  • Replace defective cabinet speaker
  • Fix loose window valance
  • Replace all cabinet hinge screws
  • Repair refrigerator latch
  • Refasten convenience center lid
  • Add screws to indoor steps that squeak
  • Refasten kitchen light
  • Replace missing ceiling fan blade screws
  • Add missing hose washer in tank sprayer connection
  • Secure loose kitchen back-splash tiles
  • Repair deformed back-splash tile
  • Replace broken taillight hookup cord 2-screw connector
  • Replace the broken closet rod
  • Repair defective roller shade
  • Adjust closet latch position
  • Tighten loose kitchen outlet
  • Add missing screws to loose skirts
  • Reattach fallen closet trim
  • Reattach fallen living room slide trim
  • Reattach loose front outside corner trim
  • Repair nick in the hallway floor
  • Clean excess grease from trailer hubs
  • Secure rear camera mount
  • Fix sewer hose storage pipe end cap
  • Reform bent entry steps
  • Repair misaligned basement door latch
  • Adjust window shade stops
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Warranty Trip to Dealer

The Bug Smacker had to make a trip to the dealership for some necessary warranty repairs.

Sick Bug Smacker

I hate to air my dirty laundry and drag up these problems because this has actually been a really good trailer so far compared to other trailers we have had in the past.

Here is a list of items that needed attention and what the dealership did about them.

  • Problem: Broken rear AC cover.
    Solution: Replaced cover.
  • Problem: Nick in the kitchen vinyl flooring.
    Solution: Sealed damaged area.
  • Problem: Noisy propane tank regulator.
    Solution: Replaced regulator.
  • Problem: Toilet seal leaks.
    Solution: Dealer stated they could not find the problem. (I am sure I will be fixing this later).
  • Problem: Incorrect tire brand installed.
    Solution: Replaced tires.
  • Problem: Noisy bathroom faucet.
    Solution: Lubed seals. (I can see that I will be replacing the faucet soon).
  • Problem: Hydraulic jacks making a popping noise.
    Solution: Manufacturer stated this is normal. (I am sure I will be fixing this as well).
  • Problem: Touchy thermostats.
    Solution: Replaced thermostats.
  • Problem: Smudged front decal
    Solution: Replaced decal.
  • Problem: Lump in bathroom sub-flooring.
    Solution: (I refused to let them rip up the flooring due to the problems that could happen down the road following this enormous task).
  • Problem: Missing stove grommets.
    Solution: Replaced grommets.
  • Problem: Service Campaign-Furnace Exhaust.
    Solution: Performed recall service.
  • Problem: Lump in rubber roof.
    Solution: Manufacturer stated this is normal and refused to make any repairs. ( I will be keeping a very close eye on this problem).
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Little River Casino RV Park

Terri and I took my parents up to Little River Casino to celebrate my father’s birthday. He really enjoys crab legs and so the Big Lake Buffet’s Prime Rib & Crab Leg special on Saturday night is always a treat for him. Of course, Terri and I don’t mind going either….LOL

It is a bit of a drive so we always take the Bug Smacker with us so we don’t need to stay in the hotel. Nothing better than having your own bed to sleep in.

Prime Rib & Crab Leg Buffet

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