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Hunting Camp

We are now up north hunting. So try to keep quiet. The weather up here is great for camping. Not so good for hunting. The day time temperatures are still getting into the 50s. We have seen plenty of animals, just nothing we can take home for dinner.… Continued

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Winter Camping


RV manufacturers are doing a fine job of building units that are more capable of handling the colder temperatures that follow the busy summer camping season. Things like a fully-enclosed underbelly, thermal-pane windows, additional insulation, heated holding tanks, high-efficiency furnaces and even a fireplace are very common in newer RVs.… Continued

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Woodland Park

Woodland Park in Burt Township near Grand Marais, Michigan is a simply remarkable place. We arrived to find more than we ever expected here. We knew in a moment that this was going to be more than just a stopover for us.… Continued

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Fort Wilkins State Park

We were passing through Houghton, Michigan on our way to our next campground when all of the sudden I spotted a McDonalds! I was never so excited to see a Mickey-D’s in my life. It meant that civilization was just around the corner.… Continued

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Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

On the road to the next campground we pulled over to see Bond Falls and Agate Falls.


Next stop, The Porky’s. As you can see the site was a bit unlevel.


If you like to hike then this is the place for you.… Continued

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