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After spending all of 2017 trying to decide on which RV to replace our Jayco with, we finally settled on the NEW 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL. I will try and provide you with some of the decisions we had to make that got us to this point. Keep in mind these are things that mattered most to us and “your mileage may vary”. To the best of my knowledge, these factors were true last year. However, in the ever-changing competing RV marking, things could be a bit different by the …

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Terri and I put a deposit down on the order of a brand new 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL today. We have been looking for a new “Bug Smacker” for quite a while now.  Montana quit producing this floorplan back in 20016. Now that it is back in the lineup, we jumped at the chance to get one. The dealer didn’t even have the details yet for this particular model. We had a few requirements that needed to be met and this model had the features and floorplan we were looking for. Some of the …

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I would like to announce that we are now the proud owners of a brand new shiny red pickup truck. This one is a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD Crew Cab Duramax Turbo-Diesel. The old truck was struggling to pull our new RV so we decided it was time to upgrade to something with a bit more power.  It had provided us with many years of dependable towing. We have owned it now for just shy of 8 years now and it is time to give it a rest. Our …

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Today is the day we brought our NEW Bug Smacker home. We purchased it from Hamilton’s RV in Saginaw, Michigan. The people here are terrific. They treat you like part of the family. But, the real reason we chose to purchase our new RV here was their service department. We have been in and out of our fair share of service centers and Hamilton’s service surpasses each and every one of them. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, they simply do it right. This is the main reason I …

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