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Following our trip back from Myrtle Beach, I noticed the voltage on our house battery was extremely low. The fridge even agreed with me and displayed an error to let me know. Before our trip to the beach, I found the two 6-volt batteries I had installed were not working very well. So I replaced them with the 12-volt battery which originally came with the trailer. The 6-volt batteries were the ones in our trailer that our RV dealer left connected while they had my RV in for service over …

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Showboat Park Campground is a nice park, too bad they don’t want anyone to camp here! The bathhouse is clean and well cared for. The lawns are mowed every day. The trash cans are emptied every day. The sites are large and level. There are plenty of shade trees. There are pavilions, picnic tables, fire pits, grills, a Disk Golf course, Baseball diamonds, and a canoe launch for the Shiawassee River. The place really has a lot to offer.       Here is the reason I get the impression they don’t want people to …

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Our new RV came equipped with a rear camera mount. The mount was preinstalled at the factory and was provided to the manufacturer by Furrion. The Furrion Vision 2 FOS48TA-BL or a Furrion Vision 1 FRC12TAPK-BL can be easily installed to this mount in just a few minutes. We chose to purchase a Furrion Vision 2 because of its advanced features over the Vision 1 FRC12TAPK-BL. We have also heard quite a few good things about the TadiBrothers cameras. So we decided to check it out as well. There are a lot of …

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I very rarely write about non-RV related items, but this little item really deserves my attention. Ever since we purchased our Chevy Silverado Pickup back in 2005 we have had a problem with wind noise coming from the rear vent windows in the cab. These windows are hinged in and out by a small lever. This lever binds together to shut the windows. The wind noise can be reduced by playing with the lever ever so slightly, but the noise always returns. I have had the truck into the dealership …

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