Woodland Park

Woodland Park in Burt Township near Grand Marais, Michigan is a simply remarkable place. We arrived to find more than we ever expected here. We knew in a moment that this was going to be more than just a stopover for us. The sites are on a first come first serve basis. We booked 3 nights knowing very well that we would most likely extend the stay for the rest of our vacation.

The campground is tucked away along the southern shore of Lake Superior. The sites have electric, water and even cable TV. The sites are large considering that you are directly on the water. We stayed in a site one row back from the water and since the sites are so large our view of the lake was mostly unobstructed by the rigs in the first row. The sites in the front row have a better view of the lake, but the wind is also much stronger than even just a row or two back.

The bathhouse is very clean and well maintained. I could not figure out why you had to pay 50 cents to take a shower when the rest of the water hookups in the park were included in the site fee. While we are on the subject of the bathhouse let me heed a word of advice. The restrooms have a motion sensor to turn the lights on and unless you are dancing on the toilet they will shut off on you leaving you in the dark with your pants down.

There is WiFi throughout the park, although we were unable to connect to it due to the security settings they were using. Even with the password they provided the WiFi still did not work. The people here are exceptionally kind and helpful. The price for all of this is very reasonable as well.

The church across the street has bells that chime on the hour with a special little tune at noon. Several people in the park would go down to the lake shore and search for agate rocks and stones. The downtown area is within walking distance from the campground. There is also a public beach near the downtown area.

We discovered a small diner downtown. I doesn’t look like much, but the place had some really good food. Our favorite was their Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich which consisted of Shaved Rib-eye and Garlic Seasoned Skirt Steak cooked with real Bacon. Then they add Onion, Fresh Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Red Pepper and Orange Pepper. Topped with Cheddar, Provolone and Mozzarella Cheese. All on a Homemade Hoagie Bun. My mouth waters just writing the about this sandwich.

After dinner we stopped by a local farmer selling fresh vegetables along side the road. We got some fresh sweet corn, a very large muskmelon and some ripe peaches. I know the peaches were ripe because when I asked the farmer he said ” here take the rest of this peach I’ve been eating off of and see how ripe it is”. It is so refreshing to see people as kind as this still exist.

We met some new friends during our stay here.Earl & Claudia and Harold & Sally were camping between us and the lakefront. They had been camping to several of the same places as us. They were from downstate around the Detroit area. We also met Harry & Mary Smith from Negaunee, Michigan here in the Upper Peninsula. We hope to meet up with all of our new friends on a return trip sometime.

I also got a chance to tow a 5th Wheel belonging to George and Johna McLaughlin. It was much larger than our own trailer.  It had gotten stuck in the sand.   My wife” eyes lit up when she saw that her truck could actually pull something so big. There will be no stopping her from shopping for a new RV now.

Next to us was a group of people that would sit around the campfire and carve walking-sticks out of tree limbs. Some of them look quite nice. They were just a bunch of busy little beavers whittling away at those sticks.

I called back to that diner to get one of those Philly sandwiches to-go. They explained that they do not do takeout orders. This, along with the fact that they only accept cash and the orders take forever to be served, I begin to wonder if the food being so good will be enough.

Woodland Park is certainly a place that we will be returning to in the future. It is one of the best places we have been camping.

Here is the view from my windows right now as I write this.


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