Winter Camping


RV manufacturers are doing a fine job of building units that are more capable of handling the colder temperatures that follow the busy summer camping season. Things like a fully-enclosed underbelly, thermal-pane windows, additional insulation, heated holding tanks, high-efficiency furnaces and even a fireplace are very common in newer RVs. With these improvements you can extend your camping season and broaden your northern destinations.

Even with all of these improvements you still want to exhibit some caution in these colder temperatures. When temperatures start dipping below freezing for most of the night any water that is exposed to these conditions can present a freezing hazard. When water freezes it expands with such force that it can cause damage to pipes, hoses and tanks.

Specific areas of concern can be water supply hoses, drain hoses, outside shower faucets and any drain pipes that are not protected by an enclosed underbelly.  Batteries that are exposed to the outdoors can also be a concern. These will become more of a problem if they are not kept fully charged.

Snow can present you with additional problems. Besides the obvious, snow can not only deter your travel but it can do damage to your RV as well. Snow can add an enormous amount of weight to the roof of your unit. It can also hinder with the operation of RV slideouts.

These are just things to be aware of but don’t let them prevent you from going camping when it gets cold outside. Winter can be a great time to RV.  You will find it to be very peaceful. There are no crowds and better yet NO BUGS.  There are also a lot of fun and exciting activities to do this time of year.

You will find that there won’t be a large selection of campgrounds open in the winter. This is not to say that there are not any. Places to look will be larger private campgrounds, state parks, membership resorts, state and national forest land or any campground that caters to winter activities. Just make sure you call ahead first.

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