Wilson State Park

Wilson State Park is in Harrison, Michigan. It is an older park and not really laid out for todays larger RVs. Some of the sites are small and some of the turns are tight. The entire park seems somewhat small. Traffic noise can be heard quite easily.

We had a bird that made a nest out of a hole in the tree on our site. In the tree were 3 small chicks.

baby-birds-1   baby-birds-2

This was Memorial Day weekend and the town was hosting a car show. The cars were allowed to burn their tires up and down the main drag through town.

We decided on pizza for dinner so we headed past the local Buccilli Pizza place in Harison to go to the one in Houghton Lake. The one in Houghton Lake makes their own ranch dressing and it is soooo good!

When we got to the place it was closed, so we drove all the way back to Harrison to eat at the Buccillis there. Which by the way happened to be located right next door to our park.

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