Wilson State Park

FlagWe are back again this year to join our friends and family at Wilson State Park in Harrison, Michigan. We all had a great time at this park last year, so we thought we would give it another go this year. The park has lots of shade trees, a nice lake, and a small beach. It is also not too far from town if you don’t feel like cooking.

This year we decided to move our party down the hill to the end of the park where we could all be more closely grouped together. The sites we chose were now back to back, instead of in a row. They were also a bit larger than the sites we had last year.

The night of our arrival we made our way out to the park entrance to watch the Harrison Fireworks display. For a small town, these are quite remarkable to view.

On the Fourth of July we all gathered for our annual feast. We were then joined by some non-campers for the day. Even though they don’t camp, these people know where to go for GREAT campfire cooking. The food was most excellent. There is no better way to celebrate the holiday than with plenty of good food and friends.

Campfire Cooks Potluck Potluck

Potluck Potluck Potluck

The next day we took a trip down the river.

At night we setup the TV and Wii outside to play the trivia game “You Don’t Know Jack”.  This is a really fun and exciting game.

Round the Campfire Antenna Head Ted Golf

When the weekend rolled around, my kids dragged me out to the golf course. This is the second time this year. In fact it is only the second time I have ever played the game. I enjoyed myself.  I think it may be more fun if I could get more time to learn how to do it properly.

Then it was Sunday. It was already Go-Home-Day. Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

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