Wi-Fi That Works

If you are anything like me then the internet has become a big part of your life. I use it at work, I use it at home, and I even use it while camping. Just because we are away from home doesn’t mean we have to become disconnected from the world.

Today’s technology has made it easier to stay connected while away from home. Staying connected while RVing is becoming common practice now. More and more campgrounds are discovering how important getting online has become to most people. The internet is a necessary evil for many of us.

The problem is that most campground and RV parks can’t seem to get it right. Not that they aren’t trying. A lot of them are. There are more hotspots every year. But out of all of the parks I have been to, only a few have a usable connection that everyone can use. Some either set up a $50 router in the office or otherwise install a system that is inadequate for the size of the park. Most have no idea how it works and cannot help if you can’t get connected.

I even saw one place where they placed the Wi-Fi antenna in the center of the park and wondered why it did not work well. Maybe it was because it was located inside of a metal gazebo. Rather than fix the problem, I was told they were going to just remove that they offered Wi-Fi from their ads.

I would like to see campgrounds not just offering Wi-Fi, but also offering Wi-Fi that actually works.

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