When The Rain Stops The Dogs Come Out

Water hitting the roof of our RV on a rainy day is such a tranquil sound. It provides such a soothing and calming effect. There is no better time to kick back, relax and take a nap.

The only people this phenomenon has no effect on is children. In fact they seem to go the other way and become restless and bored. For a child the majority of their world has just been taken away, the great outdoors.

Dogs on the other hand usually could care less. They still just go to their cozy spot, curl up and take a nap. It is pretty much the same behavior for them as any other day. That is unless there is any thunder involved. Then you might as well group your dog in the child category.

Have you ever noticed how after the rains stops a parade of dogs form in the campground? Just like how hearing the sound of running water makes a person need to find a restroom, the same sound must have an effect on dogs as well. The only difference is that dog owners are not about to go out in the pouring rain so our pets must hold it until the rain subsides to go for that walk. But when the rain stops the dogs come out.

Article Courtesy of : www.BugSmacker.com : Copyright © 2011

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