When Size Matters

When it comes to RVs, most people will tell you that bigger is better. In most cases they are correct. A larger RV will provide you with more living area. Everything in a larger RV is designed to increase your level of comfort.

Larger RVs are more equipped to handle inclement weather and allow you more space when going outside is just not an option.  They retain heat and air-conditioning much better. The bathrooms, showers, beds and TVs are all much nicer.

You can get many more people into a larger RV. You can’t beat the ability to just pull off the road and walk back into the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich or nuke some soup in the microwave. You could even watch your favorite sports team on TV while you eat.

If this isn’t enough, in a larger RV you also have the ability to obtain a little privacy when you want it. If you need another room you can usually find one. If you would like a restroom with real walls instead of a curtain, that is available as well.

On the flip side, you can store a pop-up camper in your garage.  Spend a lot less cash to put it there. Hook it up to a car. Tow it to that special, secluded spot next to the lake in the woods down that tiny dirt trail that you like so much. And do all of that on much less gas than any of the so called large luxury RVs.

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