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You have spent a small fortune on the RV of your dreams. If you are a typical user you will only take it out a few times a year. You will now want to keep it safe and in pristine condition during the time that it spends waiting for you to use it again.

This is where a RV storage cover will be a handy tool to have. Our big ol’ Bug Smacker uses one to cuddle up with on the cold Michigan winter nights we have around here.

We recently obtained a new RV cover from Empire Covers. These people were real nice to deal with and the cover comes with a 100% Satisfaction Policy.

We began the installation by unfolding the cover and extending it alongside of our RV. Included with the cover was a small cover, what looked to be a patch, some rope and a handy storage bag. We didn’t find any instructions but with a little research we discovered the small cover was called a rear ladder cap. The cover is made of polypropylene and is vented along the top edge. We found that there were zippers on one end and along one side. The zippers on the side allow access to your doors. The zippers on each corner of the end allow access to the rear of your RV and would be real handy if you had a toy hauler. We now know the proper orientation for our cover to go on.


It would have been much easier if we had a ladder mounted on the RV. Since we didn’t have a permanent ladder, I raised one alongside of the RV to gain access to the roof.

At this point it would have been nice if someone other than me would have been available to go on the roof. The cover is best installed by lifting it to the roof and rolling it out along the top. This way you can use care around vents, antennas, air conditioning units and any other obstacles you may encounter up there. We did discover that gutter extensions will most likely become dislodged so you may want to just go head and remove them ahead of time. Since I was unable (more like unwilling) to go up on the roof, I did it all from the top of a ladder. This method is possible but requires a lot more caution.


After the cover was in place I proceeded to secure it to the RV. The front and the back of the cover have built in straps and elastic to give it a tight fit. Along the bottom are loops that we used with the included rope to secure the cover under the RV. A trick we found was that by using a broom with a hole in the handle we could feed the end of the rope into the hole and toss the broom back and forth across under the trailer without crawling under it. You may need to cut sections from the rope to secure some of the sections. Be sure not the use the loop in the section you will be opening to access you door. Since our trailer was a 5th wheel the cover also had a Velcro strip built into it to help adjust it to the contour of the trailer.

This cover by is very well manufactured and will keep your RV as warm as a Bug.

Article Courtesy of : www.BugSmacker.com : Copyright © 2011

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  1. I checked out the company you recommend for the covers. It appears they have a lot of selection and good prices. That’s a great tip. My husband wanted a little higher end cover and went to http://www.towshop.com for a very well made Adco brand cover. It fits good and is pretty easy for us both to install.

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