Warranty Trip to Dealer

The Bug Smacker had to make a trip to the dealership for some necessary warranty repairs.

Sick Bug Smacker

I hate to air my dirty laundry and drag up these problems because this has actually been a really good trailer so far compared to other trailers we have had in the past.

Here is a list of items that needed attention and what the dealership did about them.

  • Problem: Broken rear AC cover.
    Solution: Replaced cover.
  • Problem: Nick in the kitchen vinyl flooring.
    Solution: Sealed damaged area.
  • Problem: Noisy propane tank regulator.
    Solution: Replaced regulator.
  • Problem: Toilet seal leaks.
    Solution: Dealer stated they could not find the problem. (I am sure I will be fixing this later).
  • Problem: Incorrect tire brand installed.
    Solution: Replaced tires.
  • Problem: Noisy bathroom faucet.
    Solution: Lubed seals. (I can see that I will be replacing the faucet soon).
  • Problem: Hydraulic jacks making a popping noise.
    Solution: Manufacturer stated this is normal. (I am sure I will be fixing this as well).
  • Problem: Touchy thermostats.
    Solution: Replaced thermostats.
  • Problem: Smudged front decal
    Solution: Replaced decal.
  • Problem: Lump in bathroom sub-flooring.
    Solution: (I refused to let them rip up the flooring due to the problems that could happen down the road following this enormous task).
  • Problem: Missing stove grommets.
    Solution: Replaced grommets.
  • Problem: Service Campaign-Furnace Exhaust.
    Solution: Performed recall service.
  • Problem: Lump in rubber roof.
    Solution: Manufacturer stated this is normal and refused to make any repairs. ( I will be keeping a very close eye on this problem).
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2 Comments on “Warranty Trip to Dealer

  1. Mark, I would recommend marking a date on your calendar towards the end of your warranty period to make a trip back to your dealer. I am sure you will have some sort of reason at that time to take it in, even if it’s not very significant.

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