Walmart – Berea KY

We just want a place to sleep…..

On our way back to Michigan from Myrtle Beach, we decided to stop and visit with family in Tennessee.

But first, we had to stop by Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBQ. This is always a requirement we ever we are in the area.

We got to the town where we were to meet our family a bit early. So Terri and I decided to check out the local Walmart and see if it looked like a good place to stay for the night. The parking lot was extremely busy and we felt a bit uncomfortable here. So we went down the road a bit and found a nearby Cracker Barrel.

The Cracker Barrel was an OK place to stay but it was getting very hot outside and we did not have the generator with us. This was not going to be a place to get any sleep. So following a very nice gathering with family, we hit the road in search of another spot to sleep.

During our travels, we did a bit of research and discovered a place called Westgate RV Park. The reviews were not great but then again we only wanted a place to sleep for the night.

We arrived at Westgate RV Park and after giving it a good look decided that it was not worth the $39.00 dollars they were asking. Especially since we only wanted a place to sleep for the night ( and at this point, the night was getting quite a bit shorter). So once again we hit the road.

Another 1/2 hour or so down the road we found the Walmart in Berea Kentucky. We had stayed here before and found it to be a decent place to get some sleep for the night. So we did just that.

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