Vermilion Valley Service Plaza

Vermilion Valley is one of several Service Plazas along the Ohio Turnpike that offers an RV parking area. The RV Overnight Parking Area has electrical hookups, a dump station, and potable water. We have been to one of these before and found them a great place to pull over for the night while traveling.

We knew we were going to be driving by two of these Plazas that offered RV parking along pour route. The first one had absolutely no one there. We found that quite reassuring. We drove on to put a few more miles behind us before retiring for the night.vermilion valley service plaza

By the time we reached the second Service Plaza, we found it blocked by 3 transport drivers who pulled into the RV section sideways and took up several spots each. I am pretty sure they had no intention of paying for each of the sites. I approached one of the drivers who happened to be sitting in the front seat of his pickup and explained that it would be much cheaper for them to move over into the semi-truck parking area which was free. This was after I mentioned how expensive it was going to be for them to stay here taking up as many spots as they were. Following my conservation at least one of them relocated allowing us to obtain a spot for ourselves.

After we dropped the jacks we headed into the plaza to grab a bite to eat. Inside we found a Popeyes Chicken and it look really good. I walked up to the counter and saw a couple of women with tongs grabbing pieces of chicken out of a bin that was packed over the top with what looked to me to be some really good dinner.

I asked if I could get some of that chicken. To my dismay, I was informed that they were now closing. There were some small children standing in line behind me, I could hear them sigh as they heard this. I felt as bad for them as I did for me.

Disappointed we headed over to the vending machine to get a Candybar.

On our way back out of the Vermilion Valley Service Plaza, I happened to notice one of the Popeyes Chicken Employees standing there with a huge bag of fried chicken that could have been our dinner. So Sad!

Popeyes Chicken Employees

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