Valley Plaza RV Resort

And a way we go! We are off on our first camping trip of the year. Like previous years, we are not going to far from the nest. My wife and I have learned that if you forget to pack something on that first trip, it is a lot easier to run back home and get it if you are not very far away.

We usually go to Valley Plaza RV Resort due to the distance from home. An added benefit is the indoor swimming pool and hot tub. It can still be a bit chilly for outdoor activities this time of year. Relaxing in the hot tub is just what we needed. 

This was the first week the park was open this year and there were quite a few campers already there when we arrived. I went in paid for our site and setup camp while my wife headed into town for some dinner (those of you who know us, know that there is only one place to go while you are in Midland, you guessed it- PI’s Chinese Restaurant).

After I unhooked the 5th wheel from the truck and my wife left, I preceded to level and hookup the connections. I made all the other connections then went to plug in the electric only to find the box had a 20 amp and a 50 amp connector but no 30 amp. My RV is 30amp and I had no 50 to 30 converter. It is quite unusual to have an electrical box setup with a 20 and 30 amp but not to include a 30 amp.  I unhooked the connections, waited for my wife to return with dinner, then hooked up the RV and we move into a new site.

I was bright enough to check the connection in the electrical box for the proper outlet before we moved. The first connection I made was to plug in the cord only to find no electricity. Using a hairdryer, I ran around looking for a site with power. I discovered 1/3 of the sites at the campground had the power turned off. I went up to the office only to be told that maintenance would not be out until the next day.

I returned to my site then ran around to find a new site with the proper connector and working electricity. I made one last trip up to the office to inform them of my new location AGAIN. We moved the RV into the new site, leveled it and hooked up the connections, by this time it was dark outside. We then sat down to enjoy our cold Chinese dinner.

Even with all the drama, my wife and I are really happy to camping again. The winters can be so long being stuck in a house.

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