Valley Plaza RV Resort

What difference a week can make in Michigan. Last weekend the temperature outside was a high in the 50s, a low in the 30s and a windchill due to 40 mph wind-gusts. Like the weatherman said ” it is a blustery day”. This weekend the temperature outside shot up to over 80 degrees. That’s Michigan for you this time of year. You never know if you will need shorts or a coat.

We are currently at Valley Plaza RV Park and this place has literally gone to the dogs. We are now surrounded by them. The last several days were bad enough with the twin dogs from hell that live next to us. These pint sized pups continuously went off like a stuck air raid siren. The saddest part was that I think the owners were both deaf. These people never made any attempts to stop the intense blast that poured out of these two little demon creatures. It got so bad one day that Terri had to actually go over and tell both of these dogs to shut up. Apparently they were not used to hearing this command because it actually worked and they were quiet, at least for a while.

We thought that this was bad enough until Lassie moved in on the other side of us yesterday. All was good until some little kid started to mess with the dog. I don’t think Lassie enjoyed playing with the kid because it sounded like a coyote with its tail caught in a bear trap. This would then trigger the twins from hell to join in. In fact, it would get so bad that even the well behaved dogs in the park would scream back at them.

The RV resort at Disney World has a solution for the barking problem. They segregate the animals from those that would rather not listen to your dog bark the entire day while you are off at the Magic Kingdom. They offer non-pet areas to camp in. I have never seen this in any other parks but it would be a nice addition.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. We had our beloved Monet for over 13 years and I actually cried the day she passed on. I don’t even blame the animals as much as I do the owners who have no respect for the people camping around them. People usually have more respect for others around them and try to keep their dogs in check. We were just here for a little rest and relaxation which was not going to happen. We have been camping with more dogs than this in the past but nowhere has there been more barking. To best describe our situation is to imagine it as an episode from the Jerry Springer Show, only the people screaming at each other were actually dogs.

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