Under Attack

Terri and I are just sitting in our RV watching TV when we hear a lawn mower start-up outside in the distance. We discuss how rude it is to be making such a racket so early on a Sunday morning. I am sure there are still many people just crawling out of bed after being out late last night around the campfire. It would be nice if they waited until sometime during the week to mow when the park isn’t filled to capacity like it is today. You would think it would be easier for them to mow empty sites as well.

All of the sudden above the sound of the sound of the mower outside of our RV we hear a loud BANG! I go running out to see that the kid on the mower had just hurled a rock at our rig. The kid looked surprised. I was not happy. I explained how he had just damaged our RV.

The employees here really don’t have much respect for their customers. Another example of this is at the park store. The day we arrived it was late so I had to wait until morning to check in. I arrived at the store at the store at 8:50 knowing the store opened at 9 am. I was met by a woman shortly after this who started to unlock the door. I politely said “good morning”. She abruptly replied that the store was not open until 9. I said “I know”. Then a few minutes later another woman showed up. She too quickly reminded me that the store was not open yet. I just patiently sat on the picnic table outside the store and waited. They promptly opened the door for me at 9:03 am. I am glad they didn’t go out of their way to be kind to me in any way.

My wife didn’t get to experience the kindness of these store clerks until last night. Out of the blue, I said to Terri how I was hungry for marshmallows on a stick. That doesn’t happen very often. She replied that we didn’t have any marshmallows. She said it was only 8:50 and the store was open until 9:00, so we had just enough time to run and get some. We ran to the store, quickly grabbed a bag of marshmallows and headed up to the clerk. She rang up my order and in the middle of our transaction told me to hold on a minute. She then ran to both doors and locked them. I looked at the clock above the counter which now reads 8:58pm. The clerk returned to hand me a slip to sign. We were then instructed to follow her to the back door so that she could sneak us out of the store.

The other morning we opened the door of the RV to find a tag hanging on the outside. The violation on it said that we were accused of not being present on our site for the last 24 hours. Funny thing was, we received it last night while we were sleeping inside of our trailer.

Of all the Outdoor Adventure parks we have been to, Saginaw Bay seems to be the most militant of them all. Sure we were yelled at once at the Rifle River Park for sitting under a shade tree. It was sunny and hot. We were only seeking a shady spot to sit. We chose a tree in the vacant site next to ours. That is when security showed up and told us we could only occupy one site. Guess I can understand their reasoning; the sites on the river there are in very high demand. The Saginaw Bay Park on the other hand constantly seems to go out of their way to make us feel unwelcome.



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