Tunnel of Trees Scenic Drive

Michigan Tunnel Of TreesWe are currently traveling through the famous Tunnel of Trees. This is a scenic drive along the shores of Lake Michigan on highway M-119. Heading north the trip begins in the Harbor Springs area. From here you ride along the coastline through trees which provide a wonderful fall canopy of colors over the road. The road is narrow and twists back a forth through the forest with enough tight hairpin curves to keep you alert. Every now and again you will catch a glimpse of water through the hardwoods just to remind you of how close you are to the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan. The trip will take you all the way up to Cross Village. In all, the trip is a little over 20 miles.

Along the way we found several small shops to stop and explore. Here you will find antiques, souvenirs, crafts and snacks. There are also places to just pull over and soak in the entire splendor this road has to offer.

The Tunnel of Trees is a beautiful stretch of road to travel most any time of the year, but in the fall it is a truly spectacular sight to behold. I will hold this scenic drive right up there with any other route in the nation. This is one trip where you don’t want to forget your camera. (You can see by the lack of photos here, that is exactly what we did).

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