Traverse City State Park

Traverse City State Park

It started out as a vacation but quickly turned into a work day. Just five minutes until my vacation starts and I get a call to go to work the next day. Any other job and I would have just said no but this one happened to within walking distance of the Traverse City State Park.

This vacation was short but sweet. Other than the unexpected extra day of work, we had a wonderful time in Traverse City. The kids even stopped by for a short visit.

We took a ride downtown and had a meal at The Little Fleet. This is a small group of food trucks located downtown in Traverse City, Michigan. On another occasion, my wife and I were treated to a free meal at Boone’s Long Lake Inn. We always try to make it here for dinner while we are in the area. The meal was super. We ordered something new this time. We ordered an appetizer plate. It was every bit as good as the main course.

Boones Long Lake Inn Boones Long Lake Inn Boones Long Lake Inn


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