Traverse City State Park

Due to the fact that Monday was the very last episode of “House” EVER and we only got Canadian TV channels up in the Soo, we had no choice but to hitch up and go.

We moved on to Traverse City. We have reservations at Holiday Park for the weekend but since our favorite place is the state park we decided to stay there for a few days first. As soon as we pulled in we raised our TV antenna, plugged in the power and ordered a pizza to be delivered from G’s next door. I love it when things come together like this.

The park is quiet now, but we are told that it is a sold out show here for Saturday. The weather is great and the bugs are gone.

We went into town this morning for breakfast at the Omelette Shoppe. We have been here before and really liked it. That was before. Today we waited for over 40 minutes while we watched other people who arrived after us were served. That was enough, we asked to see a manager who made a bunch of excuses and then left the place.

We next headed over to Ham-Bonz. Here we both enjoyed a breakfast made with some of the best smoked pit ham you will find anywhere. Why did we not think of this place earlier?

While talking with some of the local people in the restaurant we heard them make mention of a place called “The Underground Cheese Company”.



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