Traverse City State Park


Traverse City State Park

We have come to the Traverse City State Park for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. This is also the weekend the Bayshore Marathon is annually held. Our son, Jason and his wife Becky both ran in this event last year and will be in it again this year as well. Terri and I have elected to keep an eye on the grandkids. Somebody needs to stay behind and do the hard work 😉

Bayshore Marathon

Traverse City has some awesome bike trails. Terri and I couldn’t wait to come back up here an try them out ever since we got our bikes last summer. We both had a great time wheeling around town.

As usual, we got to stop at a few of our favorite spots to eat while we were here.

Boones Long Lake Inn peegeos Ham Bonz Underground Cheesecake



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2 comments on “Traverse City State Park
  1. You bet ya! The cheesecake above was very cherry and we look forward to it every trip to Traverse City.

  2. Bryan Prince says:

    You had to have something cherry in Traverse City, right?

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