Time to Vent

We are planning on a road trip soon, so I decided it was time to look into improving the ventilation in our 5th wheel. We have 2 hatch type windows, 1 small slide window and 3 louver type. There is also a power vent in the ceiling at the rear of the trailer.

While parked we have all the airflow we need. My concern was that it can get pretty hot while traveling. I did not want to leave any of the windows open since I have already lost one while traveling and it was not even open at the time. The only one I would consider leaving open would be the slider. I don’t know how much air would circulate with only one small window open anyway.

I called my RV manufacturer to see what they recommended. They informed me that they had no answer and directed me to a dealership. There I was told about the different aftermarket vent covers that they sold. So I ordered one. I have seen these on several different RVs and thought I had a solution to my problem. After installing the vent cover I found that it restricted the air flow through the vent, made the vent fan sound louder and kept the vent cover from opening all the way. Since my fan was a high-flow type fan, the vent cover I had to purchase actually hung over my skylight making it darker in the room. The cover would however keep the rain out while traveling.

I thought about installing another ceiling vent, but I am somewhat hesitant about cutting a hole in the roof. I may actually go this route when I get the courage to do so.

It would be nice if manufacturers thought of things like this. It would be so much easier to build a solution into the design of the trailer from the beginning.

So as you can see I have come full circle and still have not found a solution to my problem. I just wanted to share my experiences with others who may have this same situation. Plus, I thought it was time for me to vent a little.

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