The Great Adapter

Sometimes you get to a campsite and the electrical outlet will not accept the plug on your cord. Maybe the cord on your RV is just too short to reach the post. Times like this will make having an electrical adapter or extension a necessity.

For example, today the heat outside is above 100 degrees and the air conditioner is running constantly. During high electrical demand periods like this, breakers seem to pop quite often. I would much rather reach down to reset a breaker in the RV than to go outside to the post to reset it. Since there are less people using the 50 amp outlets, the breakers will be in better shape than the others in the electrical box. Therefore I used a 50 to 30 amp adapter on my cord to plug into the 50 amp outlet. Just be sure to play it safe and not over draw your rated wattage.

There are various types and manufacturers of adapters to choose from. I like the Camco PowerGrip adapters myself. These come with a neat little handle to help with the connection and removal of the plugs. I have even replaced the plug on the end of the cord to my RV with a PowerGrip connector. I did however need to change the Electrical Cable Hatch Door on my RV as well to accept the larger plug.


Always remember that when using any type of adapter you are most likely not going to be obtaining the recommended current draw for your RV. Even adding an extension to the length of your RV cord will alter these specifications. These items should be considered as temporary solutions and not used for any length of time.

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