We have stopped at the Beckley Travel Plaza along the West Virginia Turnpike before. In fact, we have been here several times in the past to refuel, use the restrooms and get food. However, we never knew what the Tamarack up the hill from the rest stop actually was.

We needed a place to stop for the night and noticed that there were other RVs parked up the hill from the actual rest stop. We headed up to check it out.

There were several other rigs parked for the night at the edge of the parking lot in a section designated for RVs. We chose a spot, dropped the landing gear, let out a slide and headed out to see what the Tamarack building was all about.

Tamarack Tamarack Tamarack

The Tamarack is actually a neat place to visit. It is a large welcome center with items for sale that represent West Virginia. There were arts & crafts, sculptures, paintings, books, and homemade jellies & jams. There was even a small restaurant that offered meals like you would get a home.

Tamarack Tamarack Tamarack

This stop-over offered everything we needed. The Tamarack had a restaurant, clean restrooms and a quite place to park the rig. The rest stop section had a Burger King, Sbarro, Starbucks, Quiznos, restrooms and an Exxon station with gas and diesel fuel.

Travelmart Travelmart Travelmart

We will be looking forward to stopping here again.

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