The race is on, we are right on the leading edge of a storm that is sweeping across the nation. And it is is a big one. Earlier this morning we encountered over 4 inches of… (you may want to cover the ears of the young ones cause I am going to use a 4 letter word now) …SNOW.

Doesn’t Mother Nature know it is spring now?


We left our home in Michigan around 3 PM this afternoon. The storm front was right on our tail as we headed south towards Myrtle Beach. We were lucky enough to encounter mostly wet roads. As the temperatures fell we knew the roads would ice over. It ended up snowing as far south as West Virginia. We did pretty good time and made our destination for the night. Tamarack is a great spot to do an Over-Nighter.

snow tamarack


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2 Comments on “Tamarack

  1. Michigan can be a bit dicey in April. We always head south knowing there could be a chance we could become snowbound and not be able to get back into the state. Most campgrounds in Michigan don’t even open their doors until May.

    We have actually had been in the UP the end of May one year and found ice and snow everywhere. A year or so later we went back up the same time of year and it was 105 degrees.

    Like they say here in Michigan — if you don’t like the weather here in Michigan, just blink 😉

  2. Just getting starting reading your most recent posts. I’ve told you my wife Karen is from Michigan. Her family lives in Howell. We have been talking lately about if it would be a good idea to come to Michigan in April should we end up buying our trailer from a dealership there. Tentively, we want to get the trailer then and put the house up for sale in May of 2019. Personally, I was thinking the end of April would be the earliest to come to Michigan as we would be spending a couple weeks up there.

    Hopefully we can find a local dealership in Missouri that will cooperate with a reasonable price. Or maybe one south, then go to Michigan in June for vacation.


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