Labor Day weekend finds us back at Black River for our annual holiday celebration. We were lucky enough to get our favorite site.  We had a picnic on a beautiful sunny afternoon with many family members joining us. Sunday evening as we were sitting around the campfire, we heard sirens and shortly after a huge cloud of smoke drifted through the forest overhead.  The smoke continued for several hours and then the stars returned. We went fishing and caught a few fish, which we cooked up over the campfire.  We …

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Opening Day We went back to Hunting Camp to try our luck in bagging the big buck. My Dad could not make it to camp this year, so Jason decided to cover his spot for him. I need to set this story up for you. You need to understand that my father has sat in this same spot for several years and always came up short.  So I am sure you see where this is going. Well a picture is worth a thousand words.  Jason- Opening Day- in Grandpa’s Spot …

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We are back at the Black River for the Labor Day weekend. I looked out the window this morning, as something caught my eye.  I saw three deer playing in the water.  There was a doe and two fawns.  They were having a great time nibbling on the foliage, drinking from the river and kicking up the water with their hind legs.  You can check out the photo I took in our gallery.

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