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99 Things NOT to do when RVing


A bit of satire for all those RVers out there who see the humor in what we love.

by Tim R. Enright



1. Drive down the road with more than 2 slides out.

2. Use your sewer hose to fertilize your neighbor’s flowers.… Continued

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When Size Matters

When it comes to RVs, most people will tell you that bigger is better. In most cases they are correct. A larger RV will provide you with more living area. Everything in a larger RV is designed to increase your level of comfort.… Continued

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RV Types

Recreational Vehicles (or RVs as they are commonly known) are portable living areas used for traveling or camping while away from home. This is not to say they can’t be used for main living quarters. Many people use RVs as their primary residence.… Continued

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