There are several different types of bike racks on the market which can be used by RVers. Most styles will accommodate at least 2 bicycles. Each of the various racks will have their good and bad points. Allow me to elaborate on some of the more common types. Hitch Mount Racks  are the most common. These mount to your RV or vehicle using a trailer hitch mount. They can be mounted on hitches on the front or rear of your vehicle. Frame Mount, Bumper Mount and Ladder Mount Bike Racks mount …

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On one side we have the “GERMS” and on the other, we have the “RVer”. Germs simply lurk inconspicuously waiting to latch on to any RVer that approaches their borders. RVers on the other hand, have the skills and weapons to wipe-out the nasty critters before they can assemble into any sort of organized, dangerous threat. Germs that can cause disease or illness include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Germs really do no harm until you come in contact with them, so I will focus on prevention. Germs typically enter the body …

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This spring we went on a trip to Maine and I wish I knew then what I know now about trailer brakes. If I had, the trip would have been a whole lot easier. I knew that my trailer brakes were not what they used to be, but I did not know why. Before we left on our trip, I purchased a new Brake Controller. The old one was manufactured by Tekonsha, who makes a very fine product. It was a less expensive model that just had lights to display …

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I have not been happy with the way my trailer brakes have been working. I tried replacing my brake controller and I still did not get the stopping power I was looking for. So today I purchased 4 new electric trailer brake backing plates and drums. These along with my new brake controller will give me a totally new braking system. Please take a look at my article on trailer brakes for more information on what I have learned along the way.

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We are planning on a road trip soon, so I decided it was time to look into improving the ventilation in our 5th wheel. We have 2 hatch type windows, 1 small slide window and 3 louver type. There is also a power vent in the ceiling at the rear of the trailer. While parked we have all the airflow we need. My concern was that it can get pretty hot while traveling. I did not want to leave any of the windows open since I have already lost one …

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