Residing in the state of Michigan exposes us to a lot of news about drinking water problems lately. In fact, people outside of the state of Michigan, in the past would associate this location with popular places like Detroit, Grand Rapids or possibly even Traverse City. Now everyone just says “ are you by Flint?” Flint has gotten a lot of exposure due to the water problems the city has been having. Not to take anything away from Flint’s issues but there are quite a few other places in this …

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Vermilion Valley is one of several Service Plazas along the Ohio Turnpike that offers an RV parking area. The RV Overnight Parking Area has electrical hookups, a dump station, and potable water. We have been to one of these before and found them a great place to pull over for the night while traveling. We knew we were going to be driving by two of these Plazas that offered RV parking along pour route. The first one had absolutely no one there. We found that quite reassuring. We drove on …

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I have recently spent a lot of time trying to decide if I want to replace my trusty Garmin nuvi GPS with a newer model or simply join the rest of the world and use an app on my smartphone to get me to where I need to go. We are getting ready for our first RV road trip of the season and I have decided that it may be time to upgrade my GPS to something newer. Following hours of research and personal testing here are a few of …

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There is no better use of a smart phone’s wealth of information than when you are traveling. You can locate anything and learn everything if you just have the right apps loaded. Here is a list of the apps we find most useful when we travel. Most are completely free and a some cost a few bucks but in our opinion are worth every penny. Maps by Google (Google Play) (iTunes) – The Google Maps app for phones and tablets makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town …

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If your RV has a lever type latch to secure the screen door then this handy little gadget will make your life much easier. This RV Latch Pull is designed to be attached to the lever on the screen door of your RV. You then allow it to hang through the gap in the access door, thus giving you the ability to open the screen door without opening the access door. It is just that simple!

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