After months of planning, penny pinching and anticipation, we have reached the pot-of-gold at the end of our rainbow. On this trip we met up with our friends Jeff and Linda who were staying at a nearby Hotel just outside of Disney. We have all been to Disney before, therefore, we did not have the need to hustle through the parks trying to squeeze everything in each day. We just took a much more laid back approach. This however, still requires a lot of walking. I estimate that we must …

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We joined Jeff and Linda today to take a leisurely trip down the Rifle River. The water level was down a little bit compared to the last time we we on it. This made for a little bit of scraping and some hard paddling at times. About midway through the trip we encountered a young deer along side of the river. He just stood there until we were almost next to him, then he quickly darted into the woods. The river is so quiet and peaceful this time of day. …

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We have gathered with friends and family again this year at Wilson State Park to celebrate the Fourth of July and share a marvelous feast.       This year we tried something new and fried up some wings. They turned out pretty good, although I did miss the age-old tradition of cooking over a campfire.   Anyone know who invited these crazy women?

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We are up in the Traverse City State Park once again this year. This time we chose to use this campground as a home base while we traveled north for a color tour. Saturday we picked up our friends Tom and Cathy who have a place here on Elk Lake and headed up US-31 towards Petoskey, Michigan. We had a wonderful trip and ended up at the Odawa Casino to enjoy the buffet they put out for us to over-indulge ourselves with. Sunday it rained all day. You would think …

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We are back again this year to join our friends and family at Wilson State Park in Harrison, Michigan. We all had a great time at this park last year, so we thought we would give it another go this year. The park has lots of shade trees, a nice lake, and a small beach. It is also not too far from town if you don’t feel like cooking. This year we decided to move our party down the hill to the end of the park where we could all …

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