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Wilson State Park

If we look back and refer to last year’s 4th of July as the year of the incident, then we are going to need to relate to this year’s 4th of July as the year of the bad juju.… Continued

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Shower Head

Last night our Shower Head broke. The on-off knob fell off. Without this valve we are not going to be able to take water conserving showers. A couple of days ago I noticed that the low point drain valve on our fresh water tank was also broken.… Continued

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New Bulb Seal For Slideout

Today I had to replace the bulb seal on our slide-out. When I went to inspect the condition of the rubber roof on top of the slide-out I noticed   seal was sagging in the middle. I pulled the seal back and the metal teeth inside of the rubber that hold it in place were all rusted.… Continued

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Bent Axle

On our way to the campground last weekend we stopped at Hagerty’s for a pulled pork sandwich. I discovered this place while doing a search for the closest place that sold Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream (If you have never eaten this brand of Ice Cream you are missing out on a real treat).… Continued

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Prevent TV Antenna Damage

One of the most likely parts of your RV to get damaged by accident is your TV antenna. It is out of sight and out of mind. It is just too easy to get in your RV and drive away while forgetting to lower your antenna.… Continued

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