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Fort De Soto Park

If I had to describe Fort De Soto Park in just one word, it would be “CRABBY”.

Fort OfficeUpon arriving to the park we headed into the office to check in. We were told at the counter that they needed our names, credit card, licence plate number, shoe size, the name of our 3rd grade teacher, what day of the week it was when we lost our first tooth, how many trees are in the forest….OK maybe I’m getting a little carried away.… Continued

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Ludington State Park

We are at the Ludington State Park for the Labor Day Weekend. They call this park “The Queen of the Michigan State Parks”. It really has a lot to offer. It has an enormous beach front located on Lake Michigan which goes all the way up to one of Michigan’s oldest lighthouses, Big Sable Point Lighthouse.… Continued

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Ocean Lakes Family Campground

I am waking this morning to the rhythm of waves pounding onto the sands of Myrtle Beach. It is as spectacular as we had Ocean Viewexpected. The ocean breeze is whistling through the palm trees causing them to sway like a conductor would orchestrate to the approaching waves of the sea.… Continued

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