Stove Wrap

Stove WrapIf your RV stove is like ours then it is absolutely impossible to keep clean. Food, grease, grime and even water will stain it. Once it is soiled then don’t even think of trying to get it clean again. Cleaning the top of an RV stove is harder than taking a picnic basket away from a bear.

Until now you just had to live with a grungy stove top. Yes, I said until now. We just became aware of a new product called the Stove Wrap. This thing is really great. If your stove is showing signs of its age, you can cover it up. If you are one of the lucky ones who own a stove top that is not yet stained, you can keep it that way.

The Wrap is made of Non-Flammable material that is washable and reusable. It is pre-cut and sewn to fit.


Stove Wrap

1. When your top grate is cool, remove it from the top of your stove top.

Stove Wrap

2. Place the Stove Wrap on the stove top and align the 3 large holes around each burner.

Stove Wrap
3. Align the 4 silver grommets in the Stove Wrap with the 4 feet of the grate. Re-install the stove grate.

Stove Wrap
It is just that easy. We both love this thing and think you will as well.

Stove Wrap


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