Stained Glass Cabinet Co.

Stained Glass Cabinet Co., Traverse City, MI

While traveling about the Traverse City, Michigan area we happened to stumble upon a shop called the Stained Glass Cabinet Co. We like to explore new places, so we went inside to check it out.

Here we found some extremely interesting things. The shop sells beautiful stained glass objects. They also have hand-crafted wood products & furniture. I would have to say things are all quite unique and show the care and workmanship put into their creation.

I would have to say the most unique aspect of the Stained Glass Cabinet is the Stone Wheel Glass Engraving they do there. This is an age old craft brought into the present by Richard at the shop. The work is done on a 121 year old Stone Wheel Engraving Machine. The work Richard produces with this machine is not only exquisite but also quite rare.

We had this Glass Panel created for a wedding we are going to attend and as you can see it turned out quite wonderful.

Wedding Gift Wedding Gift


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