Spring Cleaning and Maintenance for your RV

Easter has come and gone. The days are getting longer and so is the grass. Even the flowers are popping out. These are all indications that it is time to get the cobwebs out of your RV and gather the things that were remove from it last season.  It’s time to go camping again.

Before you head out this year, this is a good time to check your RV over, do a little maintenance and spring cleaning. Here is a brief check list to get you started.

  • Clean Flooring
  • Dust
  • Clean Refrigerator
  • Clean Linins
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean Window Treatments
  • Restock Cleaning Supplies
  • Restock Bathroom Supplies
  • Restock Paper Plates, Plastic Silverware, etc.
  • Replace Batteries in Detectors (smoke, gas, etc.)
  • Check Fire Extinguisher
  • Lubricate Exterior Hinges and Levers
  • Lubricate TV antenna
  • Lubricate Folding Steps
  • Clean / Lubricate Jacks and Landing Gear
  • Check Tire Air Pressures (don’t forget spare tire)
  • Check Tires Pressure on Tow and/or Towed Vehicles
  • Check Tire Tread for Wear
  • Check Trailer Brakes
  • Lubricate Trailer Axles
  • Inspect Roof, Windows, Vents, etc. sealant for Cracks (reseal if necessary)
  • Clean Roof
  • Reinstall Battery / Check Terminals
  • Flush and Sanitize Water Tanks
  • Check and Lube Hitch Components
  • Clean Slide Mechanisms
  • Refasten / Check LP Tank System
  • Check Engine Fluids and Belts
  • Check Lights
  • Check/ Tighten Wheel Lugs

This is also a great time to look for any items that you may not have used last season and ask yourself if you really need to keep hauling these things along. With gas prices rapidly climbing, it may be a good time to leave some stuff behind.

These items are not listed in any specific order. The list is not necessarily inclusive of everything that you may need to check on your particular RV. Check your manuals for details relating to your specific rig.

Here is a link you can use to print the list above: Spring Cleaning and Maintenance List

Article Courtesy of : www.BugSmacker.com : Copyright © 2012

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